Each Crypto Teddies CCG  match is a 1vs1 battle between two opponents. Gameplay in Crypto Teddies CCG is turn-based, with players taking turns to play cards from their hand to cast powerful spells, deadly traps, or summon warriors to do battle and protect their hero. The game may be played between two human players, or one human and an AI computer opponent.

Each player is represented by their chosen ‘hero’, an important character from Planet Teddy. Each hero is associated with a particular “Faction”, which determines the special cards and unique hero power available to them. Each hero has 40 Health, and if their Health is reduced to zero, the hero is destroyed and the controlling player loses the game.

At the start of each turn, the player draws a new card from their deck – a collection of 30 cards selected before battle. Players can choose to play using one of several pre-assembled ‘basic’ decks, or one of their own custom-made decks. While any card can be used in any deck build, there are limitations on how many of each specific card you may have. Certain heroes also grant powerful effect bonuses to minions of the same faction so choose wisely!

During their turn, each player can choose to play any of their cards, use their Hero Power, command their minions to attack targets, or attack directly with their hero! However, most actions require the player to spend mana, and this limitation forces players to strategically plan out their moves. Each player starts the game with 1 Mana Crystal, and gains one more at the start of each turn until they reach the maximum of 8 Mana Crystals. All of a player’s mana regenerates at the beginning of their turn (all their Mana Crystals become ‘filled’). Unspent mana remaining at the end of the turn does not carry over to the next. The larger mana pools in later rounds allow players to play increasingly expensive cards, opening the game up to more impressive moves and powerful abilities.

The objective of a game of Crypto Teddies CCG is simple: reduce the enemy hero’s health to zero before they can do so to you. However, the game features multiple strategic elements which require mastery before one can be successful at competitive levels of play. The control of minions, the assignment of strategic importance to various targets, complex card synergies and interactions, as well as the unpredictability of the randomly selected cards drawn each round, combine to create a complex game where the best plays are not always obvious.


Crypto Teddies CCG cards cost a resource called “mana” to use. Each player starts with one Mana Crystal on their first turn. Every turn afterwards, the player gains an additional Mana Crystal, up to a maximum of 8.

At the start of each turn, a card is drawn and added to a player’s hand. Players can have a maximum of 10 cards in their hand; attempting to draw a card with a full 10-card hand will cause this new card to be revealed to both players and be immediately destroyed, or milled.

Players can mouse over any card or hero power at any time to read its description and view any related enchantments. Once the player has taken all the actions they want, they can end their turn by clicking the End Turn button on the right side of the battlefield. If a player has taken every action possible that round, the End Turn button will become illuminated with a bright green aura.

Turn Timer

The Turn Timer is a crucial game mechanic that helps to keep the flow of the game moving. each turn lasts for 75 seconds, plus a small amount of unplayable “slush time” for animations to complete before beginning the next sequence.

Running Out Of Cards

Running out of cards to draw does not cause the player to lose. However, once a player has drawn all of their cards, later attempts to draw an additional card from their empty deck will cause them to suffer damage from exhaustion. 1 damage per turn to your hero for every turn your out of cards.

Conclusion Of Match

The match will go on until one of the following goals is achieved:

One of the players’ heroes reaches zero Health (or below) and is destroyed. The remaining player wins.

A player concedes (see below) or leaves the game. The remaining player wins.

Both heroes’ health reaches zero at the same time. This causes a draw, although both players will see the Defeat screen. Neither player will win or lose a star in Ranked play, and neither player will be awarded a win or loss in Arena mode. If you were on a winning streak, it will end your streak.


Players often choose to concede the match once they realize they cannot avoid defeat, and can do so at any time by clicking the “Concede” button on the field. Conceding can save time spent playing out the final inevitable events of the match, or be used at a far earlier stage in order to avoid wasting time in a match the player feels they cannot win. In some cases, players will concede due to having made a critical error, following which they cannot bring themselves to continue the match. Conceding may affect progress towards daily quests, particularly early in the match when a player has a high amount of health remaining.



Advanced Rulebook

While most rules in Crypto Teddies CCG are fairly easy to ascertain, when several effects, each with their own behaviours, are brought into conflict, things can get a little more complicated. The unofficial Advanced rulebook offers a comprehensive explanation of the game’s underlying processes, complete with examples and video references. The Advanced Rulebook aims to explain the behavior of cards and card interactions in their entirety. This will be available after the public launch next year.

Game Mechanics Updates

From time to time the development team may need to make adjustments to certain game mechanics to keep gameplay fair and balanced. These changes can come suddenly but will always be announced on our official channels. The changes include the following possibilities:

⦁ Raising or lowering a cards mana cost

⦁ Modifying, replacing, adding, or removing a cards effect

⦁ Introduction of new cards

⦁ The Increase or decrease of turn times

⦁ Modifying how an effect triggers


Cards And Card Sets

Game cards are the main source of fun in Crypto Teddies CCG and every card is unique and powerful in their own way. Many cards have their own abilities, providing for some interesting effects when played. Each card also comes with their own artwork, voice, and animations, designed meticulously by the Crypto Teddies CCG development team. Multiple cards can be combined together for powerful effects and wacky combinations, allowing the player to experiment with cards and decks in many different ways.  

Below is an example of a crypto teddies game card.

Card Example

Players can initially choose from a selection of more than 60 common core cards they recieve at the start of the game. In The Genesis Core Set there are over 170 cards in total to collect. New cards can be earned in many ways: through Leveling a Faction, purchasing them from the store (using either Fiat, Crypto, or Buttons), earning ranks in Ranked play, completing single-player adventures, or winning them as prizes in the Arena. Cards may be gained individually or in packs of 5.


Players can browse all their cards and create custom decks to play with in the collection screen. Players can also melt unwanted cards with a rarity of uncommon or above to receive the ENJ they were created with. Each card in the genesis set also has a corresponding Founder Card. These are 1/1 cards purchased by our very early game supporters. Though they have no gameplay advantage they have special animations, and are displayed in a special section on your account card.



Players can construct a variety of decks of different deck archetypes using the cards in their collection, normally consisting of 30 cards each. Once a player has constructed a deck, they can use it to do battle against other players in Play mode, the main game mode of Crypto Teddies CCG. Players can also draft decks in the Quick Draw Arena, which is a card drafting tournament-style game mode, in which players draft cards one by one until they have a 30-card deck to do battle against other players. Lastly players can choose to play in our ranked arena, your first 5 battles inm this mode each season will determine your starting rank. From there players gain AP by winning playing and completing matches to advance their rank before the season ends.


Deck construction makes up a substantial part of the strategic play in Crypto Teddies CCG, with each deck’s 30-card limit forcing players to make tough decisions in order to build their decks to do well in the meta. Some game modes do not require a deck to be constructed beforehand, such as in Quick Draw Arena, or AI mode.

Deck Builder

Game Modes

GAME MODES are the different ways in which players can play and experience Crypto Teddies CCG.

WARZONE – An absolutely random free for all. Rank, history, account age…none of it matters, it’s an absolute no-holds barred free for all. Many game modes have deck restrictions on card limits or banning of certain cards. Not in warzone.

SOLO –  players can play against a selection of computer opponents. Players can learn the basics of the game battling against ‘Apprentice’ opponents, or can put their skills to the test against improved ‘Master’ opponents.

Play mode matches players against other human players of similar skill, in random matches. Players can choose to play Casual ‘friendly’ games, or take part in Ranked play, earning ranks and special rewards to reflect their skill and standing within the community.

QUICK DRAW– offers a special challenge, with players assembling a new deck from a random selection of cards before using it to do battle in a series of games. For this mode a random selection from the entire active crypto teddies selection will be used, regardless of whether a player has unlocked those cards or not. Everyone has the same random cards and an equal field to play on in this mode. Doing well in Quick Draw can grant substantial rewards consisting of buttons, boosts, cards and card packs, but each admission costs 500 buttons or 5 ENJ. (Q1 2023)

RANKED –  is a weekly game mode, with a new tournament available each week. Each Tournament presents a limited time opportunity to face other players in special matches with unique rules. These might be requiring players to use special pre-made decks, adding random cards or minions, or changing the very rules of ability activation or mana use. (Q2 2022)

SOLO MISSIONS –  consist of a variety of single-player game modes in which the player does battle against the computer. In addition to containing Solo Mode, There are Solo Missions. Missions features boss battles in which the player battles against bosses wielding unique hero powers and special cards. Beating these bosses rewards the player with unique rewards. (Q3 2022)

OTHER GAMES – Players can also choose to issue a Friendly Challenge to a player on their friends list. These unranked matches offer few rewards, save the satisfaction of crushing your friends in combat. (Q4 2022)

Spectator mode is an observational mode that allows the player to spectate a match being undertaken by one or two other players. The spectator can see the player’s cards and all minions, and can mouse over all interface elements as if in control of the game. However, Spectator mode is purely observational and does not allow the player to affect the match in progress.


Game formats are sets of rules that select or limit the types of cards that are allowed to be played in a game. Crypto Teddies CCG presents three official game formats: Standard format, Wild format and Classic format. Additionally the game includes a fourth, the only unranked format, Casual. During Beta only Casual Mode Is available.

STANDARD FORMAT – is the more balanced and competitive format, and the intended focus for newer players. Aiming to present a fresher and more focused experience, Standard format matches allow only cards from card sets released in the current or previous calendar year, as well as the Core and Genesis sets. Standard format is the default game mode for Play mode. (Q2 2022)

WARZONE –  format presents an unrestricted playing experience without the deck restrictions of Standard format, allowing the use of cards from any card set. It is the default game mode for adventures and almost all Solo Missions. However, the format is not unlocked for Play mode until the player has obtained at least one card exclusive to Warzone format. (Q3 2022)

CASUAL –  allows you to experience all the challenges of Play mode, without worrying about losing your hard-won rank. Casual is the perfect place for testing a new deck, or levelling a new class, and is the ideal mode in which to start playing against human opponents. Casual will always match you against an opponent using a deck from the same format as you (Standard, Warzone or Casual). (LAUNCH)



Quests are the main ways in which players can earn XP to progress the Rewards Track. Quests are divided into daily quests, weekly quests and one-time quests. They require completing certain objectives, such as winning games with a certain faction or dealing a certain amount of damage to enemy heroes, earning the player substantial rewards upon completion. Players are awarded a new daily quest each day, up to a maximum of three active quests at a time.


Each match takes place on a randomly selected battlefield, representing the board on which the game is played. There are numerous possible battlefields, each depicting a particular zone or city within the Crypto Teddies CCG universe. Each battlefield features its own design and numerous interactive elements, but play is in no way affected or determined by battlefield selection. Around the battlefield are various important UI elements, such as each player’s Hand, Deck, Mana Crystals, as well as the two heroes themselves.

Battlefield Example


Crypto Teddies CCG’s matchmaking process aims to ensure that players face opponents of a similar skill level Matches played in all modes use a matchmaking system to determine pairings, where each player hasa hidden value determined by this ELO system. this is based upon the players history of games played against other players in that particular game mode. In ranked the elo system is not used and is instead replaced with our own native AP system where pairings are decided on their win-loss ratio determined by their ap level. 

For more info on this see the extended AP/XP guide.

Matchmaking Beta

Disconnecting and Reconnecting

If a player is disconnected from the server during a game of Crypto Teddies CCG, the system will give the player 60 seconds to reconnect to the game, in which case they will immediately be returned to the match they were playing.[6] However, the game will not be paused during disconnections, meaning that returning players may find their turn has expired or the state of the battle has progressed in their absence. Disconnections during the finding opponent process generally cause the queue to be suspended until both players are connected.

If the player is not able to reconnect to the game in time, the game will be concluded in favor of the remaining player. If both players end up disconnected, the game will end in a tie. Players who are unable to reconnect to the game will be informed of the outcome when they log back in.


Social and Chat

Unlike most games, Crypto Teddies CCG does not have a traditional chat-box. Rather, you can right-click on your character and select specific emotes, such as a verbal taunt, a welcome, well played, or other chat options. Players can also choose to right-click on their opponent to “shush” them, preventing their emotes from showing. These decisions have been made to prevent verbal harrassment in our game lobbies and keep everything fun for everyone!

Finding Opponents

Each player’s friends list displays their account tag, (like a username) so they can be found for private invite matches. For those not on your friends list you can check the last 3 battles in your battle log history at any time from your account menu.

Game Etiquette

In an exciting game full of fierce battles, it’s hardly surprising that Crypto Teddies CCG can bring out less than polite behavior in some players. But what exactly comprises correct or incorrect behavior, and who makes the rules? If a player is feeling harassed they can always reach out to support and have our team look into a solution which can range from a verbal warning to the necessary party all the way to a game account suspension.


The metagame, or meta describes the trends of deck and class choices currently seen in Crypto Teddies CCG. Understanding the meta is vital to finding success playing Crypto Teddies CCG competitively, or even at higher ranks. For more information, see Meta.