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What Is Crypto Teddies.

Crypto Teddies is a free to play online collectable card game. Not only can you collect teddies but you can also battle your teddies in our Teddy Warzone.

You can obtain crypto teddies through packs either bought in our store or earned from arena combat and rank advancement. Each Crypto Teddy is both a card to be played in our game and a non fungible token (NFT).

Crypto Teddies is driven by our player community with the goal to bring a riveting game and high end NFT functionality to the CCG space. We hope to see you in game, Teddy Commander!


Obtain up to 176 varying cards in the Genesis series, each one of with different artwork, attribute, and rarity. All game cards are NFT’s and can be held in a web3 wallet! Combine addictive gameplay and infinite variation with a market that enhances the free to play experience as your time is rewarded as you play.



With over 170 Cards In The Genesis You can build Your Squad! Strategize To Win! 

Your own squad will represent your personality and game knowledge. Strive for consistent and domineering strategies, or go all out with an out of the box thinking and deck construction. Every playstyle is not just encouraged, but viable with a plethora of combos, synergy, and control.


Choose between edge of your seat pvp battles or fierce AI challenges and combat to advance your teddy squad towards the teddy elite. Gain experience in both a literal and figurative sense as your account ranks up, showing your dominance and perseverance as you fight through enemy after enemy. Each victory leads to rewards to grow your teddy squad. Do you have what it takes to conquer your opponents?


Warzone is an all out battleground. Draw from a deck of 60 cards to summon creatures lay traps and play spells. Each Card has a different amount of Energy needed to summon it, and each one comes with different stats and traits. This means that weaker units are easier to summon but can be destroyed with ease. Games will start slow with players gaining early advantage with weak but easy to summon cards and turning the tides of battle with heavy hitters in the latter half of the game. Combat is a mix of psychological warfare and luck backed by good deck building and Intelligent Strategy, both before and during the fight.

Smart Contracts

Teddies are minted by interactions with smart contracts. Do you need to be an expert in blockchain to use Crypto Teddies? Not At All!
All you need is to link your Enjin wallet to your account, then sign your transactions when you purchase cards or win them in the game. No extra knowledge is needed.

The Crypto Teddy CCG utilizes the ERC-1155 Standard for Tokenizing game assets.


Created by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski, ERC-1155 is an Ethereum token standard that enables developers to deploy both fungible and non-fungible tokens in a single smart contract.

Enjin’s smart contracts are an implementation of ERC-1155, where each minted asset is infused with ENJ.

For More Information Click On The Enjin Tab In The Menu.



Life is a ruthless battle in the world of Crypto Teddies. Following the assassination of the beloved president, teddy factions fight for control over the power void left in his wake. As Rex, the lone commander of a ragtag team of misfits that once served the president, it is your job to defend the country and defeat the power hungry divisions attempting to seize the teddy world.


Go to our deck builder to create and store several different custom decks fit for any strategy you desire. You can also create a deck from our pre-built structure decks. Stick to the basics or go crazy with an innumerable amount of potential deck types.


View the cards you have obtained in our collection database, in which information on all cards you own is stored. An overview of the cards you’ve got is tied to your account and wallet, allowing easy access to understand your collection and formulate strategies with what you have.


Curious about the general roster of teddies? Looking for a card to define your deck strategy? Need to know what might be worth chasing? Check out our extended card library! It contains all information for every teddy in the game. You can search by Season, Card Type, and Rarity!


Our playerbase defines who we are and how our game will develop moving forward. We are along for the journey with you, and as such will be as transparent and open as possible for our future plans and roadmaps. Make sure to follow us for news and NFT giveaways!